Build an English-Speaking Culture in Mutiara School

The ability of speaking English becomes a necessary that is needed in education or worldwide communications.

Mutiara School located in South Kuta is being one of the famous tourist areas, therefore many institutions adjusted to this condition.

In running the English Program, Mutiara School will habituate the students to use English in their daily activity at school.
Since a good ability of speaking English will open up many chances and opportunities for the student’s future.

“Study and learning English should be habituated to use this language by the students. We do not need to be scared in learning English, do it happily” say Febry Tresnaning C, S.Pd.

Some of Primary and Kindergarten students in Mutiara School become an Ambassador for this English Program, which is aimed to be a role model and facilitate their friends in learning English. We expected at the end of this semester all students and teachers will be friendly using English as a means of their daily communications.

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